New Product Introduction: Cadence™ BioSMB Process System

October 3, 2016

CMM HyperCel™ Cation Exchange Mixed-Mode Chromatography Sorbent

These new sorbents are a versatile tool, able to efficiently remove HCP and aggregates from mAbs, or to separate very close molecules at any scale.

The Cadence™ BioSMB Process system adds to our single-use continuous, multi-column chromatography line with a scalable platform from process development (PD) to clinical manufacture under GMP while maintaining sorbent, buffers, and overall process parameters. The unique design features 8 columns with single-use valves and flow path to deliver flexibility in process with a smaller footprint, and more efficient use of chromatography sorbents.    

Continuous Single-Use,
Multi-Column Chromatography