Standardization of Product Labeling

News Item

December 31, 2015

Pall is conducting a global project aimed at standardization of the primary label design and its content across all of our business units and manufacturing facilities. Bag and box labels are being updated according to new design standards.


None of the existing label information is being removed or changed from what exists in the current labeling. Minor changes to the arrangement and format of the label information may be made. We do not anticipate any disruption to operations or incoming product inspections as a result of these changes. The purpose of this update is to provide clarification of the differences brought about by the new labeling standards.


Currently across Pall there are a wide range of label formats and contents leading to the potential for confusion. A standardized label was developed to rationalize and simplify the way the information is presented. The benefits of label standardization all contribute to higher levels of user friendliness and include:

  • Uniform Pall brand identity, with consistent layout and data content irrespective of the plant of manufacture
  • Addition of a scan-friendly 2D matrix based on Global GS1 standards containing all the essential information for the end user
  • The use of ISO 15223 symbols where appropriate. For example the global label will have the 'sterile' symbol rather than the statement in text. These symbols are widely used and reduce the possibility of language based errors


See below for an example of the new labeling standard layout. Note – as part of the change to a globally consistent label, we will also move from the use of some current blue, red and green pre-printed labels to a black and white standard.