Mini Kleenpak™ 20 Filter Capsules with Emflon® II Membrane – Changes to Part Numbering

Product Update

November 12, 2012

Change Description:

To be consistent with current packaging options in our Mini Kleenpak 20 filter capsule family, we have implemented part number KM5V002P2G100 to indicate that this package contains 100 filter capsules. Our ordering information has been updated to reflect this change.

In addition, Pall will also supply Mini Kleenpak 20 Filter Capsules with Emflon II membrane in quantities of three capsules per pack under part number KM5V002P2G. This packaging option is available now. Use part number KM5V002P2G to order 3 filter capsule packages.

Reason for Change:

Alignment with our current Mini Kleenpak 20 filter capsule family offering.

Impact of this Change on Customer Operations and/or Recommended Action(s):

Please use KM5V002P2G100 instead of KM5V002P2G to order 100 filter capsule packages. Please use part number KM5V002P2G to order 3 filter capsule packages.

Additional Information:

There are no concomitant changes in product manufacturing or performance specifications, test procedures or release criteria. This is only a part number change.

This message has been approved by Pall Quality Assurance.