PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., May 11, 2015 – Pall Corporation (NYSE:PLL) has received EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the PV100 PUREair Bleed Air Filters for CFM International’s CFM56-7-powered Boeing 737 aircraft.  This follows the STC issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in September of 2014.

The PV100 PUREair Bleed Air Filters were developed in collaboration with a major global airline and offer unprecedented protection for the HPSOV (High Pressure Shutoff Valve), PRSOV (Pressure Regulating Shutoff Valve), HSR (High Stage Regulator), PCV (Pre-cooler Control Valve), and BAR (Bleed Air Regulator) from contamination-induced failures and wear.  The valves protected are critical parts of the aircraft cabin pressurization and anti-icing systems.


Since receiving the initial STC, the PV100 has been installed on several customer aircraft for initial in-service trials.

“All of the data has been favorable with the initial installations, with no impact to system performance or serviceability,” said John Vinson, Sales Manager for Commercial Airlines at Pall Aerospace.  “Our lead customer is very happy with the ease of installation and the protection provided to the system.  They are now looking forward to a broader implementation in their fleet.”

The PV100 PUREair Bleed Air Filters use Pall’s advanced sintered stainless steel filtration medium to provide optimal protection balanced with longer filter life.  By installing this bleed air improvement package, operators can lower incidents of in-flight bleed air valve failures, which are a source of costly turn-back events, valve overhaul, and replacements.  Pall Aerospace is dedicated to developing advanced filtration technology solutions to help customers lower operating costs.

Pall PUREair products have been used in critical aircraft systems for more than six decades.  Originating with the invention of porous stainless steel, these products illustrate Pall’s long-term and continued focus on innovation.  Pall Aerospace PUREair Bleed Air products are used on a majority of aircraft engines in service today as OEM equipment.
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