PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., October 27, 2016 – Pall Aerospace has reached an agreement with easyJet, Europe’s leading low cost airline, to retrofit their fleet of A320 family aircraft with the latest Pall Aerospace PUREair Advanced Cabin Air Filters (A-CAF) with Odor Reduction Technology.  These newly developed filters are HEPA rated to remove microbial contaminants just like the standard cabin filters. Additionally, the new filters utilize the latest carbon technology that has been specifically formulated to remove odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from aircraft cabin air that can be a nuisance to passengers and result in costly operational interruptions.

Ian Davies, Head of Engineering for easyJet stated, "Aircraft cabin odor events can lead to expensive delays or air turnbacks and the Pall odor filters are helping us mitigate that issue. We performed an extensive study and undertook aircraft trials before making our decision and are confident that the Pall filters lead the industry.”
Pall Aerospace has been supplying cabin air filters for the commercial airline industry for nearly 40 years and has been an industry leader in advancing cabin air quality as the first company to introduce HEPA rated filters to the aircraft market.

“This represents the first phase in our partnership with easyJet to ensure the highest aircraft air quality possible for their passengers and crew." said Gabriel Popa, Vice President of Pall Aerospace Europe. “easyJet has been excellent to work with and is always at the forefront of new technology, continually looking to make improvements to benefit the customers/crew on board the aircraft.” 

Pall Aerospace is developing other Advanced Cabin Air Filters both with OEMs and directly with airlines as aftermarket solutions. With existing products for the Boeing 757 and the Airbus A330/40, Pall is further leveraging the technology into new products for nearly every other active aircraft to include the Airbus A380, Boeing 737, 767 & 777.
To learn more about Pall Aerospace PUREair technology solutions, please visit:
http://www.pall.com/PUREairforeasyJet or email us at pureair@pall.com
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