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December 2016
精炼厂通过安装租赁滤清器滑轨 | 颇尔石油天然气Webinar

颇尔石油天然气|油气开采过滤应用|油气输送过滤应用|精炼过滤应用|颇尔中国官网 在线研讨会系列

Join us for a complimentary webinar:


Many refineries face product quality or process reliability challenges, but are constrained by capex buying cycles. Installation of high efficiency rental filters and coalescers from operating or maintenance budgets provides a rapid, reliable resolution. Learn how effective and easy a rental filter solution can be on a range of typical problem applications.


In just 45 minutes we’ll cover:


  • Introduction to the filter/coalescer rental fleet, designed to refinery specifications
  • Process off-spec final product in tankage to meet original requirements
  • Remove haze from steam stripped diesel emulsions
  • Protect hydrotreater/cracker catalyst beds to avoid shortened campaign length
  • Reliably run opportunity crudes by protecting crackers and treaters
  • Depollute acid gas treatment (amine) units bottlenecking refinery output
  • Next steps to upgrading your process

We'll also answer specific questions during a live Q&A.


Who should attend:


Unit Operators

Site Engineers

Maintenance Professionals