New Technology Measures Trace Moisture in Nitrogen and Argon Process Gas Streams

PORT WASHINGTON, NY, July 14, 2015 – Pall Corporation today introduced the Gaskleen® Pico1000 Analyzer for moisture detection in nitrogen and argon.  The new analyzer is featured at SEMICON West in San Francisco. 
The  Gaskleen® Pico1000 Analyzer measures trace moisture in process gas streams, with a limit of detection of 1 part per billion (ppb).  It is ideally suited for qualifying and certifying ultra-high purity (UHP) process gas lines as well as for detecting end-of-life when deployed downstream of a purifier.  The robust, compact design of the analyzer makes it readily portable, allowing operators to easily move it around the facility for quick checks of process gas quality at many points.  
“Our customers value the accuracy, precision, portability, and ease of use of the Pico 1000 analyzer,” said Steve Chisolm, President of Pall Microelectronics.  “Based on their feedback, we now add argon to the list of UHP gas streams in which the Pico1000 analyzer can operate.  Pall is committed to our customers who need to manage the quality of process gasses.”
Unlike traditional moisture sensors, the Pico1000 analyzer uses a proprietary SiC-based MEMS sensor which enables the analyzer to consume up to 70 percent less process gas compared to competitive instruments.
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