Filtration Products for Air Monitoring and Sampling

Membrane discs and sheets, filters, holders and cassettes designed specifically for environmental air applications

Product: Air Monitoring Cassettes


Air quality is a concern worldwide due to its known impact on health and environmental issues. Globally, government regulators set standards to control pollution in the air we breathe. Pall began research on the development and production of filters for air sampling and analysis more than 40 years ago. We are now one of the world's largest suppliers of membranes and glass fiber filters designed specifically for environmental monitoring and testing.


As knowledge about the impact of industrial by-products and the need for monitoring have increased, so has Pall’s commitment to supplying products for air analysis. You will find Pall environmental testing products referenced and recommended by regulatory agencies worldwide for air monitoring and hazardous waste analysis of both organic and inorganic matrices.


For the most accurate results in your air analysis, use this guide to select the membrane or filter media optimized for your application. Then choose from our wide selection of complementary products, including filter holders, cassettes, and convenient accessory products.


Air Monitoring Cassettes and Accessories


25 mm Air Monitoring Cassettes

Conductive, non-static cowl prevents adherence of particles to cassette walls for more accurate analysis

0.8 µm GN-4 Metricel® (mixed cellulose esters) membrane has a low fiber background count. It is widely accepted for air monitoring of fibers, asbestos fibers, and metals, and complies with NIOSH Methods 7400 and 7402.

Can be used to monitor respirable constituents such as silica, metal, and dusts.

Leak proof and tamper resistant. Banded cassettes assure air-tight seal for critical applications.

Consistent performance. 100% inspected for complete membrane assembly and secure unit sealing.


37 mm Air Monitoring Cassettes

GN-4 Metricel membrane assures consistent performance for industrial hygiene sampling

Designed to meet NIOSH and other regulatory requirements for industrial hygiene sampling using vacuum filtration.

Widely accepted for air monitoring of fibers, asbestos fibers, and metals. For open- or closed-face monitoring methods. 0.8 µm GN-4 Metricel membrane has a low fiber background count.

Leak proof cassettes are available in twoor three-piece units.


Analyslide® Petri Dish

Stores disc filters and protects filter integrity during microscopic examination.

Rectangular base fits most microscope stages.

Inner cover ring for air-tight securing of sample does not interfere with viewing.

Frosted area on base permits identification of the sample with pencil or marker.

Convenient packaging simplifies collecting samples in the field.


Stainless Steel Forceps

Tips have a flat, smooth surface. Polypropylene finger grips provide a comfortable, secure hold.

Choose traditional black or multicolored finger grips.

Bright colors make forceps easy to identify, track, and see on the lab bench.



使纯产品在几分钟内即可达到> 90%以上的提取利用率

颇尔离心装置可简化许多常用核酸和蛋白质样品的制备程序。这些设备,可在数分钟内为容量从50 µL到60mL的样品提供有效的富集和脱盐处理。从已开发的薄膜中进行选择,以确保具有较低的非特定生物分子粘合性,一般能够为目标生物分子提供> 90%的高提取利用率。
颇尔离心装置可简化许多常用核酸和蛋白质样品的制备程序。这些设备,可在数分钟内为容量从50 µL到60mL的样品提供有效的富集和脱盐处理。从已开发的薄膜中进行选择,以确保具有较低的非特定生物分子粘合性,一般能够为目标生物分子提供> 90%的高提取利用率。